We’ve all been going through an unfavourable time where we need some exceptional skills in order to endure. I have seen a lot of people with no money, no food, and no shelter and, above all, losing their jobs. Most companies, on the other hand, have handed a letter to their employees with a so-called healthy message – “Hope for good and best of luck!”

Well, this is not my topic; however, I am clutching your attention to the current scenario of the world.

Having a job is a good thing, but what would you do when it’s over and when you got fired? Hmm, you’ll get another. But is that the only thing you want in your life?

Probably this should not be your mindset, I believe. Switching jobs from one to another is not a good approach at all.

Well, let’s start with why I love freelancing instead of sitting in the office all day long.

1. I’m doing what I love

Becoming a self-employed person and working on your goals is one of the most worthwhile decisions you can ever make. However, according to surveys, worry not; I will not show you the boring statics, figures, and case studies -self-employed people are happier than full-time job workers.

On this positive note, almost a year ago, I decided to ditch my job, and people were saying, “Hey, you’ve taken a wrong decision!!!”

In my conclusion, the paycheck doesn’t matter. I know there is security in a full-time job, and they (nice guys) pay you a decent salary every month. But it’s not what I was happy with.

Now I write because I love writing.

2. I have the flexibility

Unlike a full-time job, I admit that a freelance career does not ensure next day’s income, next week’s income or next month’s income. With this, you cannot plan a party with your friends, but what you can do is earn as much as you can. It exclusively depends on your functioning style as well as your hard work; what signifies most is how you present your projects.

I can work whenever I want. I can work in the cafe, at home or wherever I desire, as long as they don’t bring instant changes.

3. I am in control

I am the one who controls the tasks. I am the one who deals with clients. I am the CEO, and on the other hand, I am an employee. Frankly, it really makes you feel good! I have absolute freedom, I can say.

There is no pressure on me to work on the tasks I don’t like.

I select projects; I choose people.

In my case, there is no boss who always asks you to survive on one leg. I am the BOSS myself.

4. I can work on more jobs

One of the coolest and most fascinating facts I love about being a freelancer is that you can work on several tasks simultaneously. So, to make it more transparent, let’s say that I can work with four clients in a month.

Trust me (“Lord, forgive me for this line”) – I have worked with such a significant number of clients in a single month. (To God be the glory!)

By saying this, I really don’t mean that it is comfortable to perform with many clients at once. Let me tell you the truth, sometimes things become more complicated than we think. Working with two or four clients at the same time is not a piece of cake. But yeah…you need to display PRO skills in order to handle your clients.

The Bottom Line

By writing this personal opinion, I do not want to sound like an arrogant person. But, I am informing you if you work on your dreams, you will have more capabilities, more options, more money, and many numerous things you can accomplish.

I am not asking you to leave your job; please don’t do this. I am just sharing my viewpoints openly. Then, who knows, someone might find inspiration and commence working on their goals.

I will catch you in the next article. So, do me a favour by sharing this piece of information, if you like.