My mind stops thinking, my heart starts beating even faster, I feel like I would drown in the ocean when it comes to LOVE. I don’t really have any words (though no one has the right words) to put LOVE into words.

It was me who wondered why people get mad into love?

Later, I came to know why they do so.

Of course, it was again me who used to think, “Can a person truly take off your loads and can give you peace?”

Later, I came to know the fact that “Yes, LOVE is exactly like this!”

Love is something that has the aptitude to change you. Yes, it can change you utterly. It has the power to make you feel complete. It has that madness that allows you to forget everything that is no longer important in your life. It will separate you from the evil one. It will strengthen you to fight against odds.

On top of this, LOVE will make you a kind person who never intends to harm anyone but to spread love and only love.

The only definition of love is (this is what I personally believe) ‘forgive and smile’. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd. This is what makes you feel an extraordinary and better person than your old version.

However, the only condition you have to abide by is to be a generous person. When they persecute you, give them a nice smile and bless them. You probably won’t agree with what I say, but my friend, -Love is not ‘such a thing’ that you can take into your accounts.

I am not talking about the so-called love that you expect in order to satisfy your physical needs. That isn’t LOVE.

PS: I am still figuring out ‘what does real-love really look like!!!’