When the technology was introduced in some parts of the world, it was said that it would improve lives and gradually change lifestyles – and technology, however, in medicine, science, engineering, machinery, and many other industries, have been significantly flourishing. Yet, technology is also responsible for creating huge differences affecting income, skills, employment, and opportunities in a parallel world.

There is also a positive side of technology, one of the best and most practical aspects is online writing, because of this modern revolution, you are reading this information even we don’t know each other. Although I am not blaming technology, these problems still might exist due to other factors as well, but technology has always played a part in making the difference.

Automation is creating difference

Many businesses have adopted automation technology to reduce product cost and development time, but silently, it creates an extreme disparity between low-skilled and high-skilled workers, which is true, and no one can deny this fact. With automation, inefficient workers are left behind, and industries are focused on hiring more functional and well-organized workers. Thus, technology is building a wall of inequality in wages and skillsets that leads to poverty, and however, the practice is witnessing an increase in wages.

Technology is affecting the education sector

Innovation in various sectors aimed to offer better life expectancy but showed opposite effects on salaries and skill levels. The average participation in education has declined because school and college students have early access to advanced and modern devices without knowing their demerits. This will eventually lead students to a whole new world of the Internet of Things (IoT). This could, although, help them in their education, but on the flip side, it has been creating a lot of fuss.

Covid-19 Vaccination online registrations

A recent good example of this could be the procedure for online registration of COVID-19 vaccination. Some people are not able to register for their jab due to a lack of technical knowledge. On the other hand, we can see that a section of the society who are tech-savvy can easily access the online portal and are getting vaccinated. It would have been much better for all had there been the option of showing the Aadhaar Card merely at the vaccination camp and get inoculated. It would have been easier for both the elderly population as well as the less technologically aware people.

Technology and unequal skills

This article is not written to criticize technology but to disclose the other side of its impacts which could have severe outcomes. We are all well-known for the devastating results of technology in war, weapons, vehicle pollution, industrialization, etc., but it also has more profound and severe consequences, which have unfair differences among people of every age. From student gaming addiction to unequal skills and wages, technology has failed to serve the same positive outcome and surprises for everyone; rather, it has shocked the low-skilled group. As a result, unemployment and industrial recession create more problems such as migration, suicide, and frustration. However, technology has improved the income, but we have to give up job opportunities in return.

Modern tech and issues

We can experience with various daily examples that e-commerce and SAAS-based projects are responsible for reducing offline and local businesses, creating a high disparity in existing offline businesses like local shops and car rental businesses, to name a few.

These advanced technologies have created a cold war between online and offline shopping patterns. It seems unfair but, offline and local businesses are standing against modern technology, which has huge potential but crushing millions of businesses without even knowing about it. At the same time, the global pandemic has proved the point where people around the world were surviving only on technologies.

To Sum It Up

Every good thing looks attractive until we know about its side effects. Technology was a blessing to humankind, but now it reveals another side by crediting many differences in general people and their lives. This is happening because we are still not aware of how to use it and when to stop. We are unaware of controlling technology rather than technology controlling us. The disparity between people can be controlled by uplifting the other side, but it’s better to understand the future outcomes and scenarios that will affect us in the long run.

We need to understand the difference between human beings and robots. Humans require robots to make their personal life easy, not to replace them with robots. Technology is a blessing, but we have to understand it and its outcomes to live a peaceful and thoughtful life.

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