I was afraid to quit my job and walk down the street where I had to join hands with unknown people and say hello to strange feelings, too.

But the boy who was inside me wanted to get out of his comfort zone, wanted to do something he never did before, wanted to accept the fear of walking alone, wanted to pursue his dream and live his life as he thought.

The boy was not so talented, equipped, rich, and a focal point of attraction.

Still, he wanted to.

I wanted to be a writer

See, when you have dreams, you will always want to achieve them at any cost (if you are really serious). I was doing work I was not interested in. I was just going with the flow.

It is said that if you want to pursue your dreams, you have to come out of your comfort zone, and of course, come out of the so-called job mentality, too.

I always wanted to be a writer. So, one day I decided to quit my job, and I did.

It was as simple as that.

Is money important?

Yes, there is no doubt money is essential.

I have seen many people working on low wages when it comes to fulfilling their dreams. So, when you start your journey, you may feel depressed when your pocket does not respond according to you.

However, after every dark night, there is a brighter day waiting for you outside to embrace you.

So, believe in yourself, and work hard as if there is no tomorrow. Then, one day, your pocket will indeed be filled with wall-to-wall money.

Was it easy?

Yes, and at the same time, No.

Let me tell you why. When you walk out of something you’ve been doing for years, you feel sad. This is because the inner voice always reminds you that you have done something wrong by making this decision.

But when you flip the coin and look out for the positive side, too, you will get the answer.

The story does not end here. There were many direful dark nights and low-spirited struggling days I went through. There was a time in which I was deficient in taste and felt de-trop feelings for myself.

Final Words

As time went by, I began to see a ray of hope, and of course, brighter days were also coming my way to shake hands with me.

Today, I am happy and would love to say, “do what you love.”